samantha and fabio

Matt is very professional, calm and quiet. He made us feel extremely comfortable with both him and the camera. He has the ability to blend into the background with ease, but has an intelligent eye and a diligent hand that allows him to get all the right candid shots. He listened to our ideas, but also scouted our great locations and had lots of suggestions for poses and shots. At the same time, he let us be ourselves, and captured us at our best. Matt really took into consideration the look and feel we were trying to create. He made a Pinterest board where we could share ideas and inspiration, which really helped in him capturing our vision. He got the pictures to us in a timely fashion and was excellent in communicating with us. We could not be happier with the beautiful photos. He was such an important part of our day, and has created for us a lasting memory to treasure. 

margaret malchow

Matt took some family portraits for us and did an amazing job. The photos are all absolutely beautiful with very unique and interesting compositions. We went to Headlands Beach and he was able to identify locations for great backdrops and lighting while working with kids and even a dog. He has a great eye for this work and was very professional. I highly recommend his services. Ultimately the results speak best.

genie and bob

Matt took our wedding photos, and they are fantastic! He captured the entire day from start to finish, from getting ready in the morning to the dance party the reception turned into at night! We so treasure going back through the album and reliving the day, and are incredibly grateful he captured so many moments and details we may have missed in the whirlwind of the day. We were lucky enough to have some truly beautiful places in which to take pictures – Our Lady of Angels Church is gorgeous, and the Cleveland Public Library downtown is just breathtaking – and a unique & funky reception venue at House of Blues. But even more, we were lucky to have a photographer who came up with the best shots (whether formal, candid or artistic) to get in each of these places. We love all the photos, formal, candid & artistic! His creativity and skill are apparent in our pictures and he and his assistant were great to work with – professional and fun, and we felt so comfortable around them (which is pretty important, on the biggest day of your life)!

dan and liz

Matt did an excellent job on our wedding and engagement pictures!  He is very meticulous about getting the right shots and tailoring to what we wanted.  He made the day fun and relaxing because of his ability to work so well with all the personalities in our bridal party.  Matt checked in with us throughout our planning with patience, ideas, and professionalism.  We couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture our special day!

jen and mark

Matt took our wedding and engagement photos and did a phenomenal job.  From our very first appointment it was evident that Matt has the unique perspective of viewing the world through a lens which translates into breathtaking memories captured on film.  We are beyond happy with the results.  Not only did Matt capture beautiful photos, but throughout the entire process he was professional and a joy to work with.  As anyone who has had a wedding knows, the day can be quite chaotic.  Throughout the craziness Matt was our calming presence.  He has the ability to make everyone feel at ease allowing him to take photos which reflect everyone’s personality and joy.  I would happily recommend his services to anyone. 

christine and jannick

Matt photographed our wedding reception and we were SO pleased with the final photos. It is such a pleasure to scroll through all of our photos and memories from the day. It is so true that the day goes by so quickly, so it is wonderful to have such beautiful keepsakes, thanks to Matt. Before I selected Matt to photograph our day, I browsed the online portfolios of most Cleveland area photographers listed on The Knot and Wedding Wire. I chose Matt and another photographer with a longer tenure to meet in-person. After meeting Matt, I quickly realized that a longer tenure does not guarantee a better body of work and quickly selected Matt as our photographer.  His portfolio of work is beautiful and he has a great natural and relaxed aesthetic. My husband is really uncomfortable in front of a camera and he made him feel at ease, helping us capture the best possible photos. Matt was funny, charismatic and all of my family and friends at the reception loved working with him. My husband and I look forward to future life events, so that we can ask Matt to photograph them! I would not hesitate to hire Matt again and would recommend him to anyone.

allison and jay

Assuming that the first concern for most people looking for a photographer is the quality of the photography, I’ll begin the end result of Matt’s hard work on our wedding day.  We, and our guests, all agree that our photos were nothing short of excellent in every regard.  Matt, and his assistant, captured every part of the day that we hoped for, and the quality of the compositions were top notch, great lighting, perfect focus, and encompassing views.  In addition to that, Matt pulled all of it off by being everywhere and nowhere, it seemed.  He was in the thick of it, getting the shots he needed while never getting in the way.  Along with our guests, we were able to fully enjoy the entire experience, devoid of memories of the photographer being right next to us the entire time.
That certainly isn’t to say that we minded his presence, which leads into what was more important than the photos themselves, in our minds.  Matt was a pleasure to work with from the start of our correspondence up until the final product was delivered.  This is notable because we only got to meet in person once, because we don’t live in the Cleveland area, but Matt handled it all extremely well, and made it easy for us in the process.  We really appreciated his ability to communicate effectively with us, being very efficient about getting the information he needed with us.  Matt was very intuitive about understanding what we were looking for us, really allowing us to enjoy the experience.
Most importantly to us, Matt and his assistant were just a lot of fun to work with, and had we known that ahead of time, we probably would’ve considered officially adding them to the wedding party.  We had a fun group to begin with, and Matt really played that up with his ideas for shots, and he was equally receptive to our ideas.  For example, while in transit to the reception after an afternoon of photos, we decided the whole wedding party should invade a local bar for a drink.  Matt really jumped at the opportunity to capture the detour, and it was a blast.  He really let all involved have a good time with it, which is so important on a day that’s supposed to be a great time above all.
We couldn’t have been happier with our choice, and if the above isn’t convincing enough, tie it all together with the huge value, Matt Swetel Photography being an extremely reasonably priced option, we couldn’t have gone wrong.  We would fully recommend Matt to anyone looking to couple great photos with a great time.